Here you’ll find an explanation of the correct methods of use PFProp. These explanations will deepen your understanding of the PFProp and help you to exercise in a more effective way.


Basic methods of using PFProp

1. Self-monitoring before use

Observe the state of your body before the exercise.
Take note of the sensation of the buttocks, the difference between the right and left side.
Notice the sensation around the abdomen when sitting in a chair.


2. Basic posture (how to sit)

Place the pole on the chair and sit as if riding on the pole.
Feet should be positioned waist width apart and the back should be the straight. Find a comfortable position that does not cause pain. This is the basic posture.

3. Breathing Exercise

Pull the abdomen in as you breathe in. Repeat three times.

4. Monitoring

Sit on the chair with the pole removed, and observe whether there are any changes since before the exercise.


Methods to streamline the waist with PFProp

1. Tree

  1. Bring the hands together in front of the chest and raise the hands above the head.
  2. After reaching straight above the head, turn the palms of the hands outward and lower the hands along the sides of the body.
  3. Repeat three times
2. Shaping the breath

  1. Place both hands on the bone beneath the chest.
  2. Pull the under bust inward while breathing out.
3. Twisting the breath

  1. Place both hands on the left buttock.
  2. Perform abdominal breathing while maintaining the correct posture.
  3. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Repeat three times on each side.
4. Front roll

  1. Place the pole sideways.
  2. Cross hands behind the head and arch the body, as if looking at the navel, while breathing out.
  3. Stretch the chest while breathing in.


Three ways to increase the effect of PFProp

1. Use a hard chair

Use a chair made of hard material when possible. Soft chairs will bury the buttocks, and the sensation of rebound cannot be obtained.


2. Be attentive

Be aware of the position of the pelvic floor muscles. Visualize the pelvic floor muscles being pulled up and relaxed at all times while performing the exercise.
This awareness and visualization will improve the effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle training.


3. Sit in the center

Use the product while sitting in the center, horizontally, and vertically, as explained in the manual. Sitting on the entire chair is all right. If you experience mild pain, turn PFProp upside down and use the side with the broader curve.



If you are a first time user, please read this section.

What is PFProp?
This PFProp corrects distortions of the body and regulates the posture. Click on the above link to learn about the specific benefits and detailed design of the product.