Using PFProp in class at the Tokyo College of Music

Using PFProp in class at the Tokyo  College of Music

At the world-famous Tokyo College of Music, PFProp is being successfully used in the piano classes. The class taken by Ms. Kayano Nagai provides a specific and easy-to-understand way of using the body, which is important for pianists.
The class meets throughout the year, so awareness of the body is heightened through exercises using PFProp for every class. Training is being provided on how to apply force, while incorporating the movement of the hands when playing the piano.


The students commented as follows:
“Until now I have exerted too much force and often suffered from tenosynovitis; however, I have not experienced tenosynovitis after going to this class and being aware of the inner muscles.”
“We have been provided many key points to efficiently create the sound we want, for example using the inner muscles when playing soft sounds. The changes in the tone and the ease of playing were felt simply by understanding the body structure.”