People perform many different actions unconsciously, such as always holding a bag with the same hand, crossing the legs, and leaning forward to look at a computer screen. However common, such repetitive actions can cause body distortions that become habits. These habits may result in shoulder stiffness or lower back pain. And they can also make one’s figure look less attractive and possibly make a person prone to weight gain. The concerns many people have about their bodies may be a direct result of their posture.

Using PFProp simply for three-minute exercise every day will help one’s pelvis restore good posture. At the same time, the daily practice will prevent stiff shoulders and lower back pain, as well as creating a slimmer waist.


Three reasons to use PFProp

1. Return to a beautiful figure.


First impressions count. And posture plays an especially important role in how one is viewed. Not many people look energetic with a slumped back. A good impression comes from good posture with a straight back and the chest slightly out.

2. Slim down the lower body.


When the pelvic floor muscles don’t function well, it can result in general fatigue.
The pelvic floor muscles serve as the foundation of the pelvis to tighten the urethra and support the organs in the abdomen. Deterioration of these muscles lead to downward displacement of the stomach, descending uterus, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, irregular menstruation, feeling cold, swelling, constipation, and a pot belly.
Because the pelvic floor is a voluntary muscle group, it is possible to consciously train it. However, most people have difficulty using the muscle group. PFProp helps one focus on the pelvic floor area to train the muscles.
Learn to exercise the pelvic floor correctly for a healthy and beautiful body.

3. Improve urinary health.

Many gynecological patients have concerns including: urinary incontinence, lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, and irregular menstruation.
Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the slight leaking of urine associated with laughing, coughing, exercise or other sudden pressure on the abdomen. There is a high incidence of SUI in women ages 25 to 49 years and is frequently observed in women after giving birth.
SUI is common when the support of the pelvic floor is weak or insufficient. Prolapse of the bladder and urethra can also lead to a decrease in the strength required to tighten the urethra. If the condition is not severe, it can be improved by exercising the pelvic floor muscles. For this reason, exercising with PFProp is expected to help prevent urinary incontinence.


Why PFProp is helpful in improving posture

1. Watch your posture and the posture of others. It matters!

Most people, when sitting, have poor posture, with the pelvis tilted backward. This posture does not require the use of the muscles around the abdomen and back. And although it may look relaxed, it may likely cause problems in the long run.


There are four disadvantages of sitting with poor posture:

  • shoulder stiffness and low back pain
  • weight gain
  • rounded back
  • pot belly

Continuation of poor posture, over time, will lead to deformation of the bones, which can result in the inability to ever fully straighten the back again.
When sitting with a rounded back, the spine becomes curved. The curved spine causes the head to move forward in order to maintain balance.
The weight of the head is 6 to 8 kg, on average, which is the equivalent of three to four 2-liter bottles of water. The muscles in the shoulders and the back of the neck are burdened severely in order to support the heavy head, creating strong tension in these muscles at all times. This tension may lead to chronic neck and shoulder stiffness.
The lack of use of the abdominal muscles supports poor posture. Thereby causing the muscles around the abdomen to become loose, which lead to a pot belly. Moreover, such posture places a greater burden on the lower back.

2. How to maintain good posture

The correct way to sit is in a straight position with the pelvis upright. In addition, the stomach needs to be tightened by pulling in the lower abdomen and pulling the shoulder blades towards the center. This position naturally brings the head into optimal alignment and takes the load off the shoulder muscles.


Three principles for good posture:

  1. Sit in a straight position with the pelvis upright.
  2. Tighten the deep abdominal muscles (core muscles).
  3. Pull the shoulder blades down and back.
3. Use of PFProp naturally improves the seated posture


While using PFProp, one’s posture naturally becomes corrected, with the pelvis upright. The special shape of PFProp also stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, which are located at the bottom of the pelvis.
Note: Pelvic floor muscles are examples of core muscles, which most people do not consciously consider during day to day activities. But the core muscles play an important role in maintaining good posture.

In particular, training with stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles will further activate the transversus abdominis muscles, which form the waist. Thus, PFProp training is effective in trimming and firming the waistline.

Additionally, use of PFProp promotes sitting on the ischial bone and stimulating the pelvic floor muscles to tighten the abdomen. The simple exercises help the user maintain good posture with shoulder blades pulled toward the center. For specific methods of training, please see the Instructions for PFProp.


PFProp design details

1. PFProp is designed of material that is not too hard and not too soft.

In designing PFProp, we were extremely selective in the type of material used. PFProp was developed originally as a tool to alleviate urinary incontinence in elderly people.
If the material was too soft, rebound would not be sufficient, and attention wouldn’t be brought to pulling the pelvic floor muscles upward. On the other hand, if the material was too hard, pain would likely occur.
Several trial products were made and a monitor survey was conducted to find the right combination of materials that were not too hard nor too soft – yet provided the optimal level of rebounding. As a result of our careful and selective process, PFProp is an extremely well designed product that is both comfortable and effective.

2. Size of 4 cm maximizes benefits.


We were also quite particular about the size of PFProp. The height of PFProp, 4 cm, is based on the maximum distance necessary to pull up the pelvic floor muscles when exercising. The product is designed to promote full and positive effects due to the height.


If you are a first-time user, please read this section.

Basic method of using PFProp